With the addition of our racquets facility in 2016, Fiddler’s Elbow has become a complete sports paradise.

Fiddler's offers 5 Har-Tru tennis courts, and 4 heated paddle tennis courts. The tennis courts are irrigated from underneath, making them playable all day without the need of a ‘top down’ sprinkler system.

Looking for a game? Call us and we will set you up with one. Rather practice on your own? Use our state of the art ball machine, with a phone app that allows you to create and save your own drill! Looking for a workout? Come and try our cardio tennis, that uses the beats of your past to rev up the beats of your heart! We also have competitive leagues, couples nights, summer camps, kids classes and more. When the weather turns cold, our paddle program heats up with all-winter excitement. If you're looking for competition, our USTA league teams and paddle teams are available year round and are always looking to expand. The program is run by our resident experts out of our fully stocked racquets building, the Courthouse.

We look forward to seeing you on the courts!!!

  • Paddle Tennis
    • Paddle Tennis or ‘Platform’ Tennis as it is officially called, is possibly the fastest growing country club activity in the country. It is a winter sport, played outdoors on a heated deck. The game is played on a shrunken miniature tennis court, with tennis rules, using a paddle.

      The unique part of this game is the fence. The court is fenced in, with a mesh screen running around the perimeter. Shots that get past will often rebound off of the fence behind you, and remain playable until it hits the ground. This brings components of squash, racquetball, and even billiards into play, as you judge the ricochet of the ball and set yourself up accordingly. The thrilling aspect to the fenced in court, is that once you get the feel of the bounces, points become long, amusing and even amazing rounds of dodging, lobbing and continually retrieving a ball that in tennis would have been long past you.

      The winter paddle program will be similar in many ways to the tennis season. There will be many opportunities to come and try the courts, and the sport, to see what it’s like. There are also competitive teams, lessons and drills, for kids and for adults. There will be a Men’s Night, for dedicated social play, and there will be an ever improving place to warm yourself up before and after play. The heated deck makes playing in the snow possible; the optimum temperature for paddle is a cozy 25 degrees. Lastly, the platform you play on has a grit surface that keeps you from slipping at all times.

  • Pickleball
    • Pickleball, the fastest growing sport in America, is sweeping the nation and is the newest amenity to be added to our Club. It can be played by just about anyone and is especially popular with seniors.

      Pickleball is a racquet sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. Two, three, or four players use solid paddles made of wood or composite materials to hit a perforated polymer ball, similar to a wiffle ball, over a net. The sport shares features of other racquet sports, the dimensions and layout of a badminton court, and a net and rules similar to tennis, with a few modifications. The sport is over 50 years old and was named after the inventor’s dog, Pickles.

      Come and see what the excitement is about! It’s fun, social, competitive and you get some exercise and fresh air too. Rod, Stefanie and company would love to have all of you out to play.

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